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We support the rapid growth of promising game companies through game users’ preferential evaluation data and in partnership with different global publishers and investors.

Vision and Initiatives

Our company envisions a game ecosystem where users have greater control over the content they consume. We strive to achieve this by shifting away from traditional publisher push-based distribution methods and instead focusing on user pull-based distribution.

Through our business initiatives, we aim to facilitate the launch of user-preferred game content, ultimately helping gaming companies to ensure a highly polished and successful commercial release.
· Globally scout promising game content and studios
· Get user community involved in game production to ensure successful game launch
· Match publishers based on user and region preference data
· Provide sufficient funds to complete game development
· Deliver and distribute games to users who participated in game tests and have shown interest

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Ready to Build Your Future in the Gaming Industry?

Want to submit a game to GXC but have a few questions first? Feel free to contact us and a member of our sales team
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GXC Strives to Enhance the Gaming Ecosystem
GXC establishes a healthy ecosystem through revolutionary collaborations with Global Top Round’s accelerator program, G.Round’s user data, and Round VC’s investment opportunities. GXC identifies deficiencies in the industry and seeks to fill the gaps to satisfy unmet needs.
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Front-Line, Content-Creating Powerhouse Fueling G.Round and Round VC

There are numerous talented development teams developing fun and unique games but a lack of competent and dedicated business experts to support them to success. Global Top Round’s debut back in 2015 was sought out to be a ray of hope. Since 2015, Global Top Round has continued with its legacy model of identifying talented game startups and accelerating them with its profound business acumen and networks. Global Top Round’s hands-on approach of scheming custom made business strategies is what makes Global Top Round very unique. Each startup gets a complete overhaul of tailored milestones, funding plans, and launch plans which thus gets them to the next stage of progression. As business partners, Global Top Round supports securing seed/angel funding and closing fair publishing deals via its broad and close partner network of early stage investors, governments and publishers.

Client Sourcing and Vetting Platform for Global Top Round and Round VC

G.Round’s goal is to resolve the uncertainty of a game content’s success, finding target regions with the best chance of success and finding proper publishing/marketing ways. Through G.Round, we hope to create more and more certainty around many of the awesome looking games developed. With actual gamers from around the world playing and giving valuable feedback, G.Round can create more content certainty around the probability of success, inclusive of Global Top Round games.

Data-Driven Investments to Promote GXC’s Ecosystem

Regardless of whatever stage you are in terms of game development, you can always put good use to (additional) funding for your game and studio. But funding and investments definitely does not come easy as many investors find game projects very risky and would rather wait till the game is launched and drives in proven revenue. Based on G.Round user preference data and Global Top Round proven alumni recommendation, Global Game Fund will be in a comfortable spot to make brave decisions and lead investment rounds in order to support further development of prominent games and studios. We are certain that Round VC will help boost confidence and bring in co-investments from its partner investors.